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Rank List (PRICE)

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Rank List (PRICE)

Post by Adminzai01 on Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:33 pm

(You can buy rank at muhd7574,zaq1moneyman,zainol46,6LengLoy9and zaheerhakim)
Owner MIA > zaq1moneyman
1st Founder > zainol46
2nd Founder > zaheerhakim
3rd Founder > muhd7574
Ownership (2ic)(600c)

Presidential Council (3ic)(This Rank Is Not For Sale)

President: aiman6917
Vice President [VACANT]
Presidential Congress [VACANT]
Presidential Member [VACANT]
Cabinet Board Minister [VACANT]
Board of executives Minister [VACANT]
Senior Presidential Advisor [VACANT]
Experienced Presidential Advisor [VACANT]
Presidential Advisor [VACANT]
Acting Presidential Advisor [VACANT]
Trial Presidential Advisor [VACAANT]

Cabinet Board (4ic)

Head of Cabinet Board (440c)
Experienced Cabinet Member (430c)
Cabinet Member 1st Division (420c)
Cabinet Member 2nd Division (410c)
Cabinet Member 3rd Division (400c)
Cabinet Member 4th Division (390c)
Trial Cabinet Member (380c)

Executive Board(5ic)

Head Of Executive Board (370c)
Executive Official (360c) [2 members]
Executive Board Member (350c) [2 members]

Board of Directors (6ic) [2 person maximum per rank]

Director of Goverment and Cabinet Members (410c)
Director of BOD (400c)
Director of Chairmans (390c)
Director of Senior Management (380c)
Director of EM (370c)
Director of Senators (360c)
Director of High Rank (350c)
Director of Middle Rank (340c)
Director of Elite Team (330c)
Director of Trainers (320c)
Director of Security (310c)
Director of Standard (300c)

Board of Chairmans (7ic)

Chairman (460c)
Deputy Chairman (408c)
Board Congress(406c)
Board Senate(405c)
Board Member(404c) [3 person rank]
Sec. of Chairmans (403c)
Trial Chairman(402c)

Senior Management (8ic)

Chief Commissioner (401c)
Deputy Commissioner (400c)
Chief Superintendent (390c)
Superintendent (380c)
Deputy Superintendent (370c)
Commander (360c)
Inspector (350c)
Coordinator (340c)

EM rank (9ic)

EM Level 9 (330c)
EM Level 8 (320c)
EM Level 7 (310c)
EM Level 6 (300c)
EM Level 5 (290c)
EM Level 4 (280c)
EM Level 3 (270c)
EM Level 2 (260c)
EM Level 1 (250c)
Trial EM (240c)

Senator Rank (10ic)

Leader of Senates (230c)
Deputy Leader of Senates (220c)
Senior Senator (210c)
Senator (200c)
Junior Senator (190c)

High Rank Ranks (11ic)

Head Of HR (180c)
Experienced HR (170c)
Operations Manager (160c)
Staff Support (150c)
HQ Manager (128c)
HQ Supervisor (110c)
HQ Disciplinary (102c)
Trial HR (90c)

Elite Team (12ic)
Team Leader (72c)
Rep of Team Leader (65c)
Elite Official (56c)
Elite Member (55c)
Elite Jr. (54c)
Trial Elite Member (53c)

Trainer Rank (13ic)
Head of Trainer (45c)
Experienced Trainer (43c)
Training Division Officer (42c)
Trainer IV (40c)
Trainer III (34c)
Trainer II (32c)
Trainer I (30c)
Trial Trainer (28c)

Security (14ic)

Senior Security Member (27c)
Experienced Security Member (25c)
Security Patrol (20c)
Security Member II (15c)
Security Member I(13c)
Trial Security (10c)

Standard (15ic)

Supreme Lt. (9c)
Corporal (8c)
Supreme Sergeant (7c)
Sergeant Major (6c)
Sergeant (5c)
Patrol Agent (4c)
Agent IV (3c)
Agent III (2c)
Agent II (1c)
Agent I
Agent (passed training with good results)
Trainee (passed training)

VIP for 10c

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