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Demotion Guide

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Demotion Guide

Post by Havoctism on Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:10 am

The MIA Official Demotion Guide

Demotion is a symbol of members who break the rules of MIA, and they should get punished. Handing out demotions shows the person you are demoting that they are doing a bad example , shows everyone around them what they should do and what they should not do, and that shows your concern about discipline in MIA. However demotion must be taken into careful consideration, you should not demote someone because you dislike them, because that ain't fair. This policy will tell how to demote someone and your limits of demotion.

How to conduct a Standard Demotion

1.Observe an individual and see if they are breaking rules or doing anything bad.
2.Walk up to that individual and call ask them to 'ATT',be sure to use their name.
3. After the individual has performed 'ATT' Inform the individual that what he did is against the rules or bad, and give them a warning, if they doesn't want to accept your warning and keep doing it. You may say out loud what rank you are demoting them to, but be sure to whisper them their new motto and your promotion tag.
4.Close off the conversation and call them to be "At ease/AE" and continue on.
5. FTB and go to the Forums and fill out the Demotion Log

Demotion Policy:

-To demote anyone or call someone to 'ATT' you must be in your demotion limit.
-You cannot demote someone that rank is higher than you.
-You cannot make a big demotion such as from High Rank to Security.
-If you demote someone, please ensure you train the individual the rules again.
-Remember to use your common sense when demoting, If someone is getting promoted 5 times in an hour isn't fair for him/ her, so be fair.

Trainer -> HR
Trainer -> HR

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